Quality On & Off Grid Solar Power Systems Solar Power Systems for South-East Queensland families

  • Significantly reduce your power bill
  • Get a credit for your surplus power
  • More cost-effective than ever before
  • Run your Air Conditioner on Solar!
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Looking for efficient and effective solar power systems or batteries?

Want a system that bursts into life from day one and performs to your expectations year in – year out?

Our friendly and reliable team will quickly demonstrate why Solar NRG Solutions is the trusted name in solar power systems.


Only The Best

We only stock and recommend well-known Tier 1 panel brands that have a demonstrated history of delivering best performance.
So you get longevity of service, we only use a select few brands of inverters.

All this gives you peace of mind knowing that your warranty has real value as your solar products are from recognisable manufacturers with broad financial strength and support service in Australia.

7 Great Reasons to Choose Solar NRG Solutions

  1. Your needs are our number one priority. We listen carefully to your needs, physically inspect your property, analyse your power bills, and consider the outcomes you want before recommending a particular product that will be a long term solution for you.
  2. No hard-sell or salesman spin. No exaggerated promises of unrealistic performance from the products. Just honest, plain-English advice.
  3. All inspections, installations and service work are carried out promptly at times that are convenient to you.
  4. All work is carried out to Australian standards.
  5. We explain in detail what work has been done and any workings you need to understand before we leave your property. If you aren’t sure of anything, we are only a phone call away.
  6. We leave your site clean and tidy – we don’t expect you to clean up after us or throw away our rubbish.
  7. If there is a problem, we fix it. If the problem is urgent – we give immediate help 24/7.