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  • Never Get An Electricity Bill
  • Stay Powered With Off-Grid Solar
  • More Cost-Effective Than Ever Before
  • Run your Air Conditioner on Solar!
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Embrace Energy Independence

Bespoke Off-Grid Solar Solutions For Energy Independance With Solar NRG Solutions.

Every home and business is unique, and so is our approach. At Solar NRG Solutions, we custom design off-grid solar systems tailored to your specific energy usage, day and night.

Our partnerships with top brands ensure you get the right mix of solar generation, battery storage, and a powerful inverter to match your daily kWh usage and peak load. No pre-packaged solutions, just personalized power for your situation.

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We ensure that each system is not just a set package product, but a tailored energy solution.


Replace diesel with solar and recoup your costs in just 3 years, followed by years of free, quiet, and low-maintenance electricity.


Facing a 50% rise in grid electricity rates and frequent outages, especially in remote areas, take back control and achieve energy independence with solar!

Off-Grid Solar Experts

With over 20 years experience, get expert advise on off-grid power solutions. We offer tailored systems based on your specific energy needs and equip your home with the best from world leading brands.

The staff at NRG are very helpful and have great knowledge to assist you cut your electricity bill with solar solutions.

We moved a house from Brisbane to our peaceful rural block and decided to go off grid as Ergon wanted a huge sum to connect the power.\nOf all the trades involved to move the house, stump it, redo the roof, the plumbing, the electrical work, carpentry; the only people who supplied what they said they would supply and do what they said they would do was Jock and his team. Thanks to him we have power like being connected in Brisbane.

Jock and the team at NRG are friendly, efficient and it was obvious they are skilled at what they do. The NRG team have also been easy to deal with, ensuring all my questions were answered.

Jock is definitely one of the most friendliest and experienced Solar Installers we called. I Definitely recommend NRG Solutions.

Great System! So grateful to you Jock and your team. All the best Ron.

It was a pleasure to go through the process with Jock. We now have the pleasure of a fantastic power supply, no bills, no maintenance.

Thanks heaps

Jock and NRG provided a first class and highly professional service from start to finish. Jock came to see us, he listened to our needs and then designed a system that was cost effective and exactly what we needed. We weree very happy because Jock and NRG proved by their actions that they do what they promise.