Top 5 Reasons to Test and Clean your Solar Panels

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1. It's simple really!

The more light that is absorbed by your panels, the more power they will generate. Solar panels are constantly exposed to the natural elements therefore, they are prone to bird droppings and a build up of road grime. The rain can wash off some of the loose grime, however the oily crap deposits build up and with some panels the solid builds up against the bottom frame and will not shift without physical intervention

Before Solar Panel Clean
After Solar Panel Clean

2. Your Warranty

Solar panel manufactures have made solar panel testing a condition of their warranty. Your solar investment might not be covered by the warranty if you do not have proof of regular solar panel testing. Solar NRG Solutions will provide you with a test report to file with your manual, to demonstrate panel output if needed to support your warranty claim.

3. What About When it Rains?

Rainwater will sort of clean solar panels. What if you didn't clean your car's windscreen for 6 months? How much visibility would you lose? Even if the car was rained on, the rain contains airbourne dust particles that settle and attach to the surface after the rainwater evaporates. Visibility through your windscreen is lost due to the loss of light. Therefore the principle holds true for a solar panel. It is very important to maximise the light penetration into the solar panel to maintain your finanical reward.

4. Preparation for Shorter Days

Solar panels are worth cleaning in preparation for autumn and winter. During summer the atmosphere is generally drier and dustier, couple this with shorter days and your output plummets. Because you lose output from having less sunshine hours, it is important to have clean solar panels in autumn so that you can produce electricity efficiently.

5. Not for the faint hearted

Solar panel cleaning is not a DIY job. With solar panels being mounted on roofs, they are not easily assessable and there is a risk of electrocution that can come in a variety of ways. Exposed live wires from cheap sub-standard install or wires that have been chewed by possums both present an avenue of electrocution.

Why clean solar panels? Solar panels are prone to accumulation of grime. Why is solar panels testing important? Solar panels testing keeps your warranty intact and helps your solar panels produce maximum electricity and most importantly, saves you more money in the long term.