Solar Power System Upgrades

Free In-Home Assessment and Proposal By a Solar NRG Expert

Already have solar power and looking to upgrade your system? Solar NRG Solutions are specialists in solar power upgrades. We believe in helping you maximise the output of your solar power system without changing your lifestyle.

Whether you simply want to add a few panels to increase your generating capacity or upgrade your inverter to manage additional load, we can advise you on the best and most economical way to maximise your system.

We will also talk you through any impacts the upgrade may have on your feed-in tariff rebates and renewable energy credits. For example, if you are currently on a 44c tariff, if you increase the size of your inverter, you will be automatically dropped to the 8c tariff under current regulations. It pays to get advice before upgrading your solar power system!

Looking for other ways to cut your electricity costs? We continuously research innovative technology to help provide solutions within your home or workplace to reduce your current consumption – it may even mean that you don’t need to increase your existing system. Talk with us for simple ideas that allow you to keep your lifestyle and still have small electricity bills. That’s true guilt free electricity!

Want to upgrade your solar power system? Talk with us. We make solar power simple and easy. Call Now 1300 414 384