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Free In-Home Assessment and Proposal By a Solar NRG Expert

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The solar industry is continually changing with new innovations, more efficient equipment, and new brand names; it truly takes an expert to guide you through the options and design a complete system for your energy demands.

Get the Right System and Capacity For Your Home

The price of solar has dropped by a very significant amount over the last few years. It's now more affordable than ever before. When budgeting for solar over a 10 year investment, solar can provide you a lower price per kilowatt than grid supply.

The key to getting the a good return on your solar investment in the shortest time possible is down to getting an expert to accurately assess your energy usage throughout the day and assess your energy consumption trends over the previous years. The solar expert then needs to design a solar PV system with the perfect balance between your daily average energy consumption, your sustained peak energy demand, your investment budget.

Invest now or wait for the price to come down further?

If I wait, will solar get cheaper? As with any industry we will continue to see incremental improvements to the technology which will result in lower prices but the question is rather how much?

Experts forecast that over the next few years solar in Australia will not see substantial price reduction per kilowatt due to the scheduled reduction of government subsidies every year from 2016 onwards. In addition to government subsidy cuts, the solar industry is at the end of it's growth period which has been the driving factor in lower prices over the past few years as manufacturing shifted to China and the scale of economics brought down prices while sales were high.

The Sooner You Invest, The Sooner Your Savings Will Start

Because prices are not expected to come down further over the next few years by any substantial amount, you’re simply not going to be saving much by waiting to invest in solar. The sooner your solar is installed the sooner you can start saving on your energy bill.

Accurate Assessment of your Energy Demands

Getting the most bang for your buck can be achieved through choosing the right system for you and optimizing your energy consumption. Consider changing the lights in your house to high energy efficient LED’s, getting your air conditioner services, and possibly replacing your hot water system with a solar or high energy efficient alternative.

By minimising your power consumption, you will reduce cost of a suitable solar power system.

At NRG Solutions we offer a free in-home audit of your energy needs before designing and quoting you on a new solar PV system. Our in-house audit includes a full assessment of:

Going Solar is Cheaper Than Ever Before, and Hassle Free

Take advantage of government grants, manufacturer rebates, and our solar energy experts to guide you through the process of going solar at the best price possible.

Each solar solution is tailored specifically to your needs, which means you will never be stuck with an off-the-shelf package that doesn’t deliver what you need it to do. Book a free in-home quote today! Call 1300 414 384 or send us a message with the provided enquiry form.