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The solar industry is continually changing with new innovations, more efficient equipment, and new brand names; it truly takes an expert to guide you through the options and design a complete system for your energy demands.

Rising Electricity Costs and More Affordable Solar

In Queensland the cost of electricity goes up every July. This year - 2017, consultants are saying that the price of grid supplied electricity could go up by as much as 15% to 20%. The more grid supply electricity goes up, the more your solar investment is saving you at the electricity meter.

It's now more affordable than ever! Your solar investment will be paid back in a few short years through energy savings and then you effectively get FREE solar power for the next 15 years.

Invest now or wait for the price to come down further?

There will be incremental improvements in the technology which will result in small price reductions, HOWEVER now that the government subsidy is on a reducing scale each year, those small drops in the cost of solar won’t result in a lower consumer outlay.

With every smaller price drops in solar and significant government subsidy cuts each year, the message is…the sooner you invest in solar the sooner your savings will start. Right now solar offers a far better return on investment than your money in the bank.

Accurate Assessment of Your Energy Demands

Getting the most bang for your buck is achieved through optimizing your energy consumption and choosing the right system for your needs.

At Solar NRG Solutions we offer a free in-house audit of your energy needs before designing and quoting you on a Solar solution. Our in-house audit includes a full assessment of:

Each solar solution is tailored specifically to your needs, which means you will never be stuck with an off-the-shelf nasty package from a “just give me your money now salesperson”.

Book a free in-home quote today! Call 1300 414 384 or send us a message with the provided enquiry form and get your hand out from the government.