Self Consumption Solar Solutions Tailored Solar Solutions for Queensland Homes

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The solar industry has exploded with new technologies, alternative products, and brand names; it truly takes an expert to guide you through the options and come up with a package to meet your energy demands.

Self-Consumption Solar Solutions

With the feed-in tariff incentives gone and energy companies paying only a fraction for your exported solar energy compared to what you pay per kWh to buy that power back later in the day; many homes are now upgrading their solar to a self-consumption solution.

Rather than sell your excess solar to the grid during the day, your solar power is used to recharge a battery storage bank that your home can run off during the night. This self-consumption model reduces the amount of expensive kWh you need to buy back from the grid.

For every kWh your battery system can store, the more money you save from selling and buying back from the grid.