Solar Power Systems for Brisbane Families

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Solar panels and solar power systems are a long-term investment in your future. Which is why we believe in sharing information to help you make a choice that’s right for you now and for the long term.

How Does Solar Power Work?

The most common form of solar power, is also called grid connect, and is a simple system with just a few parts that work together to create power for your home.

Solar Panels

The sun hits the photovoltaic cells in your solar panels which turn sunshine into DC power.


The DC power is fed into your inverter, which turns it into 240V AC power that your appliances can use.

Electricity Meter

Any electricity you are not using goes through your electricity meter and then is fed into the grid. If you have a contract, you are paid by your electricity provider for this power.


The electricity you have created goes through your switchboard and any appliances you use draw from this power.

Draw from the Grid

At night, when the sun isn’t shining or if your panels are not creating enough electricity to cover your needs, then you draw electricity from the grid.

Your Electricity Bill

When you receive your electricity bill the amount of electricity you fed into the grid is deducted from the amount of electricity you used. This means you will either get a rebate or a bill from your electricity provider.

Why Cheap Solar Panels Are A Bad Investment

The quality of the solar panels you use on your house influences the overall performance and power of your solar power system. Everything from the solder and the types of wires used in the manufacturing of the panel; the type of glass used; the EVA film and backing boards used; whether or not UV stabilising compounds have been used to prevent browning or yellowing of the panel over time; whether chemical residues in manufacturing have been effectively removed so they don’t evaporate and coat the glass over time; and the quality control over the manufacturing components - all impact on the performance of your solar panel.

Cheap solar panels are similar to cheap batteries you buy in a discount store. They are of variable quality and tend to quickly break down. The trouble is that often manufacturers of cheap solar panels go out of business before the panels break down, leaving you with expensive ornaments on your roof that are not delivering what they promised, and no way to fix the issue.

Inverters – The Hidden Problem

Solar panel inverters take the energy from the solar panel and turn it into 240V energy that your appliances can use. Many complaints received by consumer watchdogs about solar power are triggered by substandard inverters installed by solar companies as a way to cut their costs and to fool the consumer with a cheap product.

The durability of the sub-standard components is short, so the inverter loses its efficiency at lower operating temperatures meaning less power generation for you, the consumer. In addition, the seals that are designed to protect the inverters electrical components from water, dust and other foreign material can fail, creating a significant safety risk coupled with early system failure.

Quality Solar Power Components Last Longer

When installing solar power, it pays to invest in quality solar panels and solar power systems from reputable manufacturers. Those few dollars extra up front, can deliver years of trouble-free solar power for your home.

Guaranteed Solar Power Output

All the solar panels we install go through extensive quality control processes and are run through rigorous testing during manufacturing and prior to installation. Every cell is thoroughly checked to guarantee it is up to scratch and delivers at least the minimum power output promised.

Every solar panel and inverter we sell is backed by a 10 year manufacturers’ warranty and a 25 year performance warranty. This means in 25 years, your solar power system will still produce at least 80% of the designated output from when they were new.

We believe in delivering peace of mind through quality solar products that last for the long term. That’s true guilt free electricity!

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