Solar Hot Water Systems for Brisbane Families

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Looking for a reliable solar hot water system from a brand you can trust? Our range of solar hot water systems have been trusted in solar hot water for over 60 years. With a range of options to suit the largest households, there is sure to be a hot water system to suit your needs.

Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems

Is space on the ground at a premium? Roof mounted hot water systems are the traditional favourite in hot water. With these economical units, the integrated tank and solar collectors are mounted on your roof. There are even in-tank electric or in-line gas boosters to ensure you always have hot water in any weather.

Split Systems Solar Hot Water Systems

For a more modern look and greater flexibility, split hot water systems are ideal. Low-profile solar collectors are mounted on your roof, while the storage tank is mounted on ground level out of sight. The electric boosted tank can even be mounted indoors for even less visual impact.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Are traditional solar hot water systems not suitable for your home? Our innovative heat pump hot water system extracts heat from the surrounding air which converts the refrigerant in the sealed system into a gas. This gas is compressed to generate heat which then heats the water. This process operates day or night, all year round. Heat pump systems are the ideal replacement for electric hot water systems as they can be installed in the existing location of the electric hot water system and use existing plumbing and electrical connections.

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