Solar Hot Water System Maintenance

Most people don’t think about their hot water system until it suddenly stops working (usually in the middle of a shower … in the evening … on a weekend).

One way to get the maximum life out of your hot water system is through a thorough service every 5 years.

Why? Linked to every hot water system are expansion control and pressure relief valves that wear out over time. In addition, there is a sacrificial anode rod that attracts the chemicals in town water when heated. This rod is designed to break down instead of the chemicals eating away at the inside of your hot water system.

Regular maintenance means that these valves and rod rather than suddenly breaking down and creating a cold water emergency, are replaced before they fail. No sudden cold showers!

Solar NRG Solutions offers a solar hot water system service that ensures you get every possible year from your solar hot water system.

Our solar hot water service includes:

All for just $370 incl GST. Simply call (07) 3357 4155 and one of our friendly team will book you in.

Solar Hot Water System Repairs

Has your hot water suddenly turned cold? Our qualified technicians repair solar hot water systems and undertake solar hot water system warranty work.

Services include:

Temporary Hot Water Systems

If your current hot water system suddenly stops working, we can install a temporary hot water system, also called a “Swift”. This gives you time to research your preferred solar hot water system options and organise finance if required.

Normally, we hire these temporary hot water systems to customers for a small fixed weekly fee. However, if you choose to purchase a solar hot water system from us, we completely wipe the Swift charges!

Need solar hot water system repairs or maintenance? Call us now - 1300 414 384