Solar Power Maintenance

Free In-Home Assessment and Proposal By a Solar NRG Expert

Cleaning your solar panels is as vital as having your car serviced. Queensland's harsh climate creates lots of pollution, dirt, and dust build up on your solar panels, add to this the droppings of possums, birds, and bats, makes your solar panels less efficient by a reduction of as much as 34%.

Therefore, it's necessary to clean your solar panels on an annual basis to get the most out of them throughout their lifespan.

Why Choose Our Professional Help Rather Than Doing It Yourself?

It’s not advised to risk climbing onto your roof to clean the system yourself. Cleaning your solar power system without proper safety equipment is a hazard to yourself and risk damaging the solar panels.

Our certified technicians have served numerous houses across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Gympie; so you can be sure they will thoroughly clean your solar power system and restore it to it's maximum energy output.

How Our Annual Solar Power Service Works?

Our certified solar energy technicians come to your house and inspect your solar panels. After which, they thoroughly clean the panels removing all the debris and dirt. We will also advise you of any physical damage and potential improvements such as trimming overhanging trees which are blocking light to the panels.

Clean solar panels will let more light through to the photovoltaic cells beneath the glass and hence increase the amount of power they generate.

After the solar panels are clean, our technicians will test and measure the system’s performance to ensure the rest of the system is operating efficiently.

Our Value Added Services

In addition to cleaning the solar panels, we also check your solar power system for the following issues:

What are the results?

According to our statistics and experience, after an annual maintenance, we have seen solar output increase by as much as 34%.

Our experts will discuss the details and insights of the service with you. You can ask them any questions regarding your solar power system, and they will be glad to help and give advice.

Get our expert advice and help today. You can call us on 1300 414 384 for booking your solar panel maintenance.