Solar Power Inverters

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An inverter is essential to every solar installation, but some provide more capacity and functionality than others. There are standard inverters and hybrid inverters. Both types of inverters take the DC power generated from your solar panels and convert it into AC power for use in your home.

The primary difference between a hybrid and standard inverters is what they do with the excess energy. A standard inverter will feed the excess energy back into the grid whereas a hybrid inverter can store that power into a battery bank for use in the evening when the sun's not shining.

Hybrid inverters are a much more desirable choice for new installations these days because battery storage of your excess solar energy is becoming more and more cost effective as the rate drops for the feed-in tariff to the grid.

SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5

  • 2.5 kWh Max.AC Output
  • 97% AC/DC Efficientcy
  • Li-Ion Support

Goodwe BP Series

  • 2.5 kWh Max.AC Output
  • 96% AC/DC Efficientcy
  • Li-Ion & Lead-Acid Support

Goodwe Hybrid Inverter

  • 4.6 kWh Max.AC Output
  • 97% AC/DC Efficientcy
  • Li-Ion & Lead-Acid Support

Sungrow Hybrid Inverter

  • 4.9 kWh Max.AC Output
  • 97% AC/DC Efficientcy
  • Li-Ion & Lead-Acid Support

Redback Technologies

  • 5.0 kWh Max.AC Output
  • 98% AC/DC Efficientcy
  • LG & PylonTech Li-Ion Support

Start With The Right Equipment

These days buying a standard inverter will not give you the expansion options that you are very likely going to need soon; in fact we can almost guarantee that you’ll be upgrading your solar system with a battery storage unit in the near future. The addition of a battery storage bank is becoming standard with all new solar installations which is a strong indicator of just how much value the batteries add to your solar investment.

While you can buy a battery management unit separately, the cost of it plus the standard inverter will be greater than simply buying a hybrid inverter up front. Furthermore, the efficiency of a hybrid inverter is significantly greater than individual units.

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