Energy Efficient Lighting

Do you have halogen down lights and want to save more $ on your power bills?

The Problem With Halogen Lights

While halogen lights give a nice clear light, they are extremely heavy users of power. The average lounge room needs 6 low voltage halogen lights to illuminate it. Most halogen bulbs are 50W – so you are using 300W just to light your lounge room!

In addition to high energy consumption, halogen bulbs get extremely hot - they operate at approximately 300°c. If they are incorrectly installed or the heat becomes trapped through shifted roofing insulation, they can cause house fires.

When you add a poor lifespan similar to traditional incandescent bulbs, you can see that halogen bulbs are an all-round problem.

Safe & Energy Efficient LEDs

Protect your home while reducing your electricity bill by replacing your old-fashioned halogen downlights with energy efficient LED lights.

Why replace your halogen downlights with LEDs?

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