Enjoy life with slient power that wont blow the budget! Easy to follow install video for you and your electrician.

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System Includes:

  • 9 x 305 Watt mono perc solar panels - 2.75kw's
  • Cyclone rated aluminum frame kit for panels
  • Wiring harness for panels
  • 1 x 4 KwHr self managed lithium battery - 10 year warranty
  • 1 off grid inverter 4000 watt output - 3 years warranty
  • Inverter is mounted on a board with the rest of electrical equipment all wired up for easy install
  • battery isolator with fuses
  • 8 pole sub board with circut breakers
  • kilowatt hour meter
  • Generator breaker
  • DC isloator
  • Earth stake and cable
  • Battery leads
  • Warranty manuals

We have made your decision about solar easy

Give the family a fun lifestyle they crave for in the bush. The system is sold as a pre made off-grid solar kit unit. The board is completely wired. Screw the board to your wall, Mount the panels where you want them, Connect to the inverter. Plug in the battery And turn it on.

No more cranky neighbours or sleepless nights from noisy generators. Cure the pain of not being able to leave the fridge on at the weekender.

Relax with the confidence that solar power is reliable and constant. Confident with your Australian made lithium battery. So easy to install. Be impressed with this super sized panel array that can generate a huge 11 KwH of power per day.

Easily add more batteries, add more panels, add more inverters. No other ready made system is flexible like this to expand your system as your demand grows.

  • Watch TV at night
  • Do washing any day
  • Sleep with the fan on
  • Light up your home
  • Keep fridge on 24/7
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Estimates of system output and the benefit to the customer are dependant on climate conditions, roof pitch, azimuth angle, amount of shade, cleanleness of panels, what appliances the customer connects to the system and the time they operate those appliances for.

We advise you to have an electrician connect the system