Solar Power Subsidies & Credits

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One of the most complex parts of solar power is working out the different rebates, grants and credits on offer. They vary from state to state, and electricity authority to electricity authority. And to add to the complexity, what is in one day can disappear at the stroke of a politician's pen the next.

Current solar credits & rebates payable

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Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) - Federal Government

The SRES Rebate is still in place and we can confirm your eligibility. The rebate is based on the total kilowatts of the solar PV array. The rebate is available even when you replace the old panels, provided your inverter is on the current standard.

Feed-in Tariff - Queensland Government & Electricity Provider

The only feed in-tariff for solar you put into the grid comes from your retailer who may take it away at anytime The range is generally 6 to 10 cents per kilowatt, whereas in 2013 the feed in-tariff was 44 cents per kilowatt.

Battery storage is the game changer. If you store your surplus power from the day and consume it at night, you effectively could be saving as much as 30 cents per kilowatt hour including GST.

At Solar NRG Solutions, we believe in making solar simple, which is why we will talk you through your rebate and credit options. We do all the paperwork and make it simple for you. By you assigning the STC’s to us, we turn this into an upfront discount off the cost of your system. After your system is installed we make a claim to recover this dollar value.