Go Solar Before 31st Dec 2016 Solar Rebate Phase Out

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New Solar Installation must be installed and certified before 31st December 2016 to receive the full value of current incentives.
There's a misconception that rebates are already gone, but this notion is in regards to the 'Feed-In Tariff' that use to apply to the purchase of excess power. Other Rebates still exist but are soon to be cut because solar is now an economically feasible investment even without government incentives.

Total Value of Incentives Avalialbe to Brisbane Homes

The Average 5kW system can expect incentives totaling about $4,000 from a new installation.

  Small Home Average Home Large Home
Recommended System 3 kW 5.2 kW 6.5 kW
Total Incentives Value





“If I wait, will solar get cheaper?”

Years ago when solar was around $10,000 for even a small 1.5 kW system, it was only worth investing due to government feed-in tariff incentives and rebates. Since the feed-in tariff incentives have ended solar has got significantly cheaper per kW and has now reached a plateau in technology advancements and economy of scale.

Today $10,000 will buy you a 5.2kW system, and you will get $4,066 back from government incentive if the system is installed and certified before 31st December 2016.

With solar PV output having plateaued and the cost of products staying the same we can assume that solar will only get more expensive over the next few years due to the Australian dollar and further cuts to solar incentives - 31st Dec 2016.

Get Solar Before Incentives Deadline

To take full advantage of the current rebates, your new solar system must be installed and certified before the deadline - 31st December 2016.

The best way to find a solar solution that's right for your energy demands makes financial sense, and qualifies for the current rebates is to contact NRG solution for a free onsite quote. One of our solar experts will come to your premise to talk face to face and perform an energy solutions audit your unique situation.

Off Grid Solar Solutions

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We can design a grid tie in solar solution that offers you the most bang for your buck.

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