Battery Solutions Store Your Excess Solar Nightly Use

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These days there is limitless choice and alternatives when it comes to solar, it truly takes an expert to guide you through the options and design a suitable solutions for your energy demands.

Take a look at our curated list of solar battery solutions, but be sure to contact one of our experts for a free no-obligation onsite audit for expert advice specific to your needs.

Battery Storage Technology, Sizes and Cost?

The most ideal equipment will vary based on your location, premises, energy needs, and so on. The type of batteries can determine their maintenance needs, capacity, life-cycle, and durability. Which type of batteries you choose will also determine options for a battery manager or hybrid inverter.

Company Special

  • 3.6 Kwh Output
  • 24x 600Ah Batteries
  • Generator Connect

2 Person Small Home

  • 3.6 Kwh Output
  • 12 Kwh of Batteries
  • Generator Connect

3 Phase Large Home

  • 4.0 Kwh Output
  • 17.8 Kwh of Batteries
  • Generator Connect

Lithium Option

  • 7.5 Kwh Output
  • 20 Kwh of batteries
  • Generator Connect

Platinum Range Unit

  • 3 Phase 9 KwH Output
  • 24x 1400Ah Batteries
  • Generator Connect

Meeting Your Energy Demands Without Grid Supply

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Consult one of our experts to audit your current energy demands, inform you of the leading brands and their warranties; and design a suitable package to meet your energy needs.

Save yourself the hassle of low-quality battery storage; it's not worth the initial savings to be continually replacing batteries through the system life. Common issues with stand-alone systems are mismatched equipment, inadequate battery sizing, and cheap battery management equipment.

The outcome of poorly designed systems using cheap equipment means the inconvenience of only using a limited number of appliances at once, and to have only a couple of hours of night supply, restricting your lifestyle and comfort you would like to enjoy. In most cases if the system is designed correctly for your needs the cost of power over the lifetime of the system is less than 20 cents per kilowatt hour. (Power from the grid already costs 27c /kwHr)