Commercial Solar Power Take control of another overhead & smash the cost

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68% of businesses surveyed by business QLD have grave concerns about electricity prices impacting on their business! NRG does the physical, mental and clerical work and can even organise the finance!

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The benefits speak for themselves!

Landlords are just as aware of the economics!

Compitition for your business is their concern. It is not in their best interest to throw up objections or unrealistic terms for you to add solar. Solar allows the landlord an option to increase their ROI by adding solar for tenants & meter it through a private meter.

The recent fiasco in politics highlights that there is only one certainty - THAT POWER PRICES WILL ALWAYS BE GOING UP!

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Frequent Questions About Solar and Battery Solutions

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How much battery capacity do you need for a 10 kwh Solar?

With a grid connect solar the best way to approach it is to determine how much of that 10 Kwh is surplus power. Use that surplus amount as your minimum storage capacity. Rule of thumb is that you can store the amount of your surplus production. What I recommend is that you take a look at how much you draw from the grid each day and decide how much of that you would like to be replacing with your own solar power. That is how much battery storage you require.

In an off grid system I would prefer to have more information about your usage and requirements to make a recommendation. The generalised principal is to have 3 days of storage.