About Us Solar NRG Solutions

Our actions are to equip our customers to have a rich life with an abundance of renewable, cost effective electricity for a real long time.

For those on the grid we help you overcome the disregard that you have for grid power generators and retailers who’s sole aim is to be continually increasing profits at your expense.

For our Off Grid or Stand Alone customers we will provide you with a power plant that is generally cheaper than what the cost is to connect to the grid and it will be as reliable and often better than grid power.

What makes us different from the competition is that we are not just out to make a sale BUT be your ally by designing a solution with real quality products that make a real difference for you.

All our systems come with an inverter that is wifi connected so you can see how your system is performing from anywhere in the world where there is internet. Some even have the ability to adjust how the system is operating.

Our off-grid power plants have global monitoring so we can check on the performance remotely for service and support.

No hard-sell or salesman spin. No exaggerated promises of unrealistic performance from the products. Just honest, plain-English advice.